Additional Copywriting Services

Please see below details of additional copywriting services that I offer. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you require any other copywriting services, please get in touch.


Copywriting servicesAdvertisements

Generally, adverts do not contain many words at all. So the words that are used must turn heads. A clever headline, punchy, ‘to the point’ copy and a persuasive call of action – all in just a few lines – is quite a challenge. But i can help you with that.

Copywriting servicesFeatures & Articles

Features and articles are a great way of showcasing your expertise and authority in your field. They are versatile and can be anything from a latest product review, to tips and ‘how to’ guides – anything that will be of interest to your readers. Plus, they can reach new audiences and provide valuable back links to your website. Finding informative and interesting topics is key. But I can help you with that.

Copywriting servicesPress Releases

Press releases are a great way of gaining free publicity. Through print, online and social media it has never been easier to get your news story out there and seen by a massive audience. The key is to make sure that your ‘news’ is newsworthy and that it appeals to editors and readers alike. But I can help you with that.

Copywriting servicesScript Writing

Whether you’re looking for radio or tv adverts, online business videos or audio marketing, they all start with a script. Of course they need smart visuals and catchy music, but they need the right words to get your message across. A well-written, natural sounding script will make your message heard loud and clear. And, guess what? I can help you with that too.


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