Email Copywriting

Emails are a powerful marketing tool. One click and you can instantly reach the inboxes of every single one of your customers and prospects.

Email copywritingBut getting your email opened, let alone read, can be tricky.

Think about your own inbox for a minute. How many emails do you delete in a day?

If it’s anything like mine, I’m guessing quite a lot.

Which is why it is so important to get your email copywriting spot on.

Effective email copywriting

It all starts with a killer subject line.

In as few words as possible, your subject line must tell your audience what the email is about, what is in it for them and why they must open it to find out more.

35% of email recipients will open an email based on the subject line alone. So it must scream “OPEN ME NOW!”

The email content must be just as punchy as the subject line. You’ve got the readers’ attention so now you must reward them for opening your email. You must give them whatever was promised in the subject line – great offer, discount, product news, freebie etc.

To produce great content, your email copywriting needs to be:

  • Short
  • Clear and to the point
  • Easy to read / scannable
  • Aimed at the reader as an individual

It must also include a clear call to action, such as call this number, sign up now, visit the website or reply to this email.

Getting all of this right can be tricky.

But relax.

Hire a professional email copywriter, sit back and watch your response rates rocket.


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