Direct Mail Copywriting

Direct mail copywriting

No one enjoys reading direct mail copy. So, from a quick glance, you need to tell the reader what the mail is about and arouse their interest.

But if it is not instantly clear what you are offering, then they will not spend time trying to find out.

So your direct mail copywriting needs to grab their attention. And quickly.

Direct mail copywriting that gets results not rejection

To get results you need to get your readers to respond to your message.

And to get them to respond, you need to tell them what’s in it for them if they do.

For example, something like..

“Hire me to help with your direct mail copywriting today”

Doesn’t sound very appealing does it? The readers’ response will be along the lines of – “Why should I?”

Whereas telling them what’s in it for them will have much more impact..

“Last mail campaign a disaster? Hire me to help with your direct mail copywriting today and impress your boss with unbelievable response rates!”

Sounds much better!

Hire me to work on your next project and this is exactly the type of copy you will receive.

It will be:

  • Full of benefits for the reader
  • Cleverly written to speak to the readers as individuals
  • Focused on the readers’ needs
  • Quirky with bags of personality
  • Persuasive to make the reader respond
  • Successful


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