Why Use A Copywriter?

Hire a copywriterThe job of producing a company newsletter, website update or press release, is often left to whoever is good at spelling, or whoever has a few minutes spare. After all, it is only writing and anyone can write. Right?

The reality is that badly written copy can do real damage to a company or brand. Not to mention being a complete waste of time and money if it is not written correctly.

The value of using a copywriter

Copywriters are trained and experienced in writing effective copy. You wouldn’t think twice about hiring a website designer to build you a new website. The same should be said about hiring a copywriter to provide the content. There is no point investing in something that looks great if you are not going to invest in making it sound great too.

After all, it’s the words that will make the sale.

Or not.

5 reasons why you should hire a professional copywriter:

CopywriterSaves you time and worry. Writing copy (if it’s not something you do every day) takes time. A website, for example, can take weeks to put together – especially when you have other things on the go at the same time. Hiring a copywriter takes this weight off your shoulders, letting you get on with what you do best.

CopywriterSaves you money. Sounds counter intuitive I know. But think of it like this.. a professional copywriter will provide effective copy – every time. They will also be able to write much quicker than you, meaning your website, brochures or direct mail letters will give a much better (and faster) return on your investment. Can you say the same about your own copy?

CopywriterGrab attention. Whatever the type of copy, research suggests that you only have 8 seconds to grab your readers’ attention. Miss this window, and you’ve missed an opportunity. Do you have the skill to capture your audience in just 8 seconds?

CopywriterFresh perspective. 
When you’re involved in the everyday workings of your business, it can cloud your judgement when it comes to marketing. A copywriter offers an objective viewpoint and can focus on the key areas to draw the attention of your target audience.

CopywriterGets results. 
A professional copywriter knows how to engage your audience. They are able to ‘speak’ to them as individuals, understand their needs and provide a solution. And, most importantly, they are able to influence them into buying your product or service. Which is the whole point after all.


Now that you’re sold on the idea of using a copywriter, contact me and we’ll start planning your next project.