5 reasons why you shouldn’t write your own copy

23rd November 2015 5 reasons not to write your own copy


You can write any copy you like for your business.

Web pages, press releases, blogs, sales emails, mailshot flyers..

You know your company and products better than anyone. You’re an expert in your field. And it’s cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

But are these REALLY positive reasons to write the copy yourself?

Here are 5 reasons why I think you shouldn’t write your own copy:

1, Fresh perspective. When you’re involved in the everyday workings of your business, it can cloud your judgement when it comes to marketing. You can be so wrapped up in every little detail, or too excited about the new product you have developed, that you forget who you are writing for. Your copy becomes a blur of facts and features and you ignore your audience and their needs. A copywriter offers an objective viewpoint and can focus on the key areas to draw the attention of your target audience.

2, Saves you money. Sounds counter intuitive I know. But think of it like this.. a professional copywriter will provide effective copy – every time. They will also be able to write much quicker than you, meaning your website, brochures or direct mail letters will give a much better (and faster) return on your investment.

3, Saves you time and worry. Writing copy (if it’s not something you do every day) takes time. A website, for example, can take weeks to put together – especially when you have other things on the go at the same time. Hiring a copywriter takes this weight off your shoulders, letting you get on with what you do best.

4, Grab attention. Whatever the type of copy, research suggests that you only have 8 seconds to grab your readers’ attention. Miss this window, and you’ve missed an opportunity. Do you have the skill to capture your audience in just 8 seconds?

5, Gets results. A professional copywriter knows how to engage your audience. They are able to ‘speak’ to them as individuals, understand their needs and provide solutions. And, most importantly, they are able to influence them into buying your product or service. Which is the whole point after all.

So the next time you need to write some copy, consider hiring a professional copywriter. They are trained and experienced in writing effective copy – and it could just be the best decision you make…


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